Top 10 Pinterest Hacks to Rank Higher

How you can use Pinterest in your business to unlock a ton of traffic and a flood of leads to your business every single day
I’m going to share withyou how you can rank number one onPinterest almost every single time solet’s dive into the training and getstarted alright guys so let’s dive inlet me show you how you can startranking number one on Pinterest nowbefore I dive in I wanted to tell youwhy they call me the princess ofPinterest and that’s really because weget results so let me show you a fewresults so that you can see exactly howyou can duplicate this for your businessso I’m gonna do a quick screen sharehere and just go over some of ourresults so that you can see exactly whatwe do so first of all we went ahead andcreated a piece of content and once wecreated that piece of content werealized what we wanted to rank for andthat was YouTube marketing channels andin just a few days this happened reallyreally fast we were the first searchresult okay so the ranking number onefor a pretty popular keyword phraseYouTube marketing channels then we wrotean article it was all about billionairequotes and so you can see here againthat we were able to rank number one andthese aren’t just flukes we’re able todo this consistently so here’s anexample we wrote an article December31st within one day you can see here thesnapshot we were the fourth searchresult in just one day so you can getresults on Pinterest really really fastwhen you know exactly what to do alrightand over time on Pinterest you actuallyimprove your results so here we were inthe number three spot we moved to thenumber two spot and then eventually weranked number one so I’m showing youthis so that you understand that this issomething that you can duplicate as wellthis process really works so again herewe are were the number three result andmaybe like the number seven result herewe are we’re number three and like eighthere we are at number two andyou go back and actually look at thisthis is for a pretty popular keywordphrase business quotes how hard would itbe for you to actually rank number twoon Google or a search engine for such apopular keyword phrase probably cost youa lot of money and take you a whole lotlonger but on Pinterest you can actuallydo this and get to the top really reallyfast and you want to get to the topbecause the higher your search resultsthe more clicks the more saves the moreleads the more conversions so it’sreally important that you follow thisprocess so the next thing we want to dois I want to show you what the processis that we use in order to go and rankto the top so let me go ahead and sharemy screen one more time we’ll pop intoPinterest and we’ll get started so herewe go on Pinterest and the first thing Iwant you to understand is that you needto know what you’re going to rank for soit should be something that’s relativeto your business and then you want to doyour research the research is reallyreally important for you and so theseare some of the things that we do beforewe create our content okay so don’tcreate your content and then try to rankcreate content after you know what it isthat you want to rank for that’s a veryimportant thing write that down so whatI wanted to show you is that when you gointo Pinterest you can search for anyphrase any keyword that you want so forthis example I went ahead and typed inpodcasts just to see what the resultswere and the first thing that you see iswhat happens is it gives you somealternative suggestions for keywordphrases that were commonly searched whenpeople typed in podcast so if you cansee this bar right down here Pinterestis actually saying to you hey check thisout people that search that searched forso these are the users that search forpodcast we’re also searching forpodcasts for women how to start apodcast so if you have a podcast courseand you can come here and see thatpeople are searching for how to start apodcast well then you can go back andcreate a piece of content or a trainingor video on how to start a podcastbecause you know that it’s popular onPinterest and that people are searchingfor it the other thing that we see isthat none of these are actually sayinghow to create a podcast oh and fun notehey this one’s minethis is my piece of content look at thatten thousand repents we’ve got thoseguys so you can click even further rightwe can then go how to start a podcastand make that the search and then whatyou’re gonna see again is now there’ssome additional keyword when you providethe solution you will be the top searchresult that’s what’s so powerful now ifyou don’t sell courses that’s ok maybeyou sell products what you can reallyput anything in here and I like to usegardening although it could be anythingit could be jewelry it could be any kindof product electronics whatever it is soall you’re gonna do is you’re gonna goback and you’re gonna type in a keywordand then you’re gonna look at differentideas that people have also beensearching for so we see gardening andthen we see for beginners so you mightwant to say hey you know I’m gonna writean article and this is how it works I’mgonna write an article and I’m gonnacall it gardening for beginners becauseyou know that people are searching forthat and then in that article you’regoing to go ahead and link to thepopular gardening products that you sellso not only are you gonna be able to getyour content on Pinterest get it foundby people searching for it you’re alsogoing to be able to sell your productsthat’s where the magic comes in soPinterest really gives you recommendedkeywords so I’m gonna type in gardeninghere and you’re gonna see even righthere that it’s giving you other ideasit’s saying gardening gardening forbeginners gardening ideas gardening forbeginners vegetable gardening forbeginners flowers so here’s what I liketo do can I give you a really quick hackfor how you’re going to use this greatso what I do is I actually create a noteand I take all of the key words that arereally popular and I write them down sogardening gardening for beginnersgardening ideas and I come over here andI type them in I go ahead and I writeall of those down then I have a reallygood list of keyword phrases that I’mgonna be able to use when I’m ready toadd my content all right are you guysready for a quick hack I’ve never sharedthis before so I’m gonna give you thishack but as a favoryou have to like comment and subscribeto our channel so that we can keepbringing you amazing new content likethis so are you ready for this all rightwhat you’re gonna want to do is you’regonna want to go in your Pinterest adsplatform and inside of there is gonna bethe best keyword research tool that youwill ever get your hands on here’s howyou use it but you can do a little bitkeyword research here so let’s type ingardening okay now remember we’relooking for types of content that we cancreate on our website so that we can putthat content on Pinterest ranked numberone drive people back to our website getleads get traffic sell them on ourproducts okay so I typed in gardeningand the first thing you see is not whatwe saw when we were doing the actualresearch on the Pinterest platform nowwe’re seeing some different keywordswe’re seeing gardening gifts we’reseeing five million monthly searchesfive million gardening hacks maybe youcan create content around that so thenwhat I like to do and this is my secrethack okay I come in after I do myresearch and I say okay well I knowgardening for beginners is a good pieceof content that I can create and put onmy blog so I’m gonna write an articleabout gardening for beginners and thenwhat I’m gonna do is I’m gonna collectall the keywords that are relevant forits gardening for beginners becausethose are the keywords I want to use inmy descriptions for my pins so beginnergardening I’ve got let’s seehere’s another one beginner gardeninggardening how to gardening onlygardening DIY and I’m gonna come throughhere and I’m gonna pick the keywordsthat I think are really relevant to thecontent that I’m gonna put on Pinterestand then I come over here I copy thoselittle command a command C action on aMac and then I go back to my notepad andI put them in here and so now I’ve gotall these great keywords that I’m gonnabe able to put inside of my pendescription when I’m ready to add mypiece of content to Pinterest okay sonow I have this little nugget ofinformation that I can put on there andwhat that’s gonna allow me to do is whenI’m ready to add my content to Pinterestwhen I’m ready to take my blog postafter I create my graphic and put it onPinterest when you add a piece ofcontent you can edit the pin descriptionand that is where you will put in allthose amazing keywords that you want torank for alright and then what you cando is you can sit back and you canreally let the research work for youalright so those are a couple hacks thatyou can start using right now to ranknumber one on Pinterest so there youhave it guys that is exactly what youcan start doing to rank your pins onPinterest so you get to that amazingnumber one spot almost every single time

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