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Saying subdue whose every bearing green wingedto every single one of our prospects directly inside of their Facebook inbox and how we’re able to interact with them and build an entire new income stream for our business and it’s been extremely profitable so that’s what I’m gonna be sharing with you guys today so I’m Brad Stevens I am the co-owner of social panda comm along with my partner Jeremy Salem our brand is responsible for millions of dollars in sales every year from software training and physical products and 95% of those sales come from Facebook advertising so we know how to reach and sell to the best audiences on Facebook and scale to seven figures and beyond using our own proven processes so very quickly we’re not here to sell you anything we’re not taking on any clients right now we’re full so this video is just here to provide value if you just go and look at our blog you’ll see year’s worth of free valuable and actionable content that we’ve given away for free so this webinar is just another medium for us to help show value for Facebook marketers okay so this is 100 percent value that we’re giving away and we’re going to show you how you can build another income stream by reaching out to prospects directly on Facebook I’m also going to keep this very short I hate long training videos filled with a bunch of fluff so I’m going to try my best to keep this under 20 minutes and there’s no sales pitch at the end so how many people do you know that own businesses that really reach out to their customers on a one-on-one level on a personal level and engage with them almost no one is doing this right now and generally people say it’s too time-consuming so think about it who has time to send every person who clicks on any of their ads or likes any of their posts or who’s that who is a fan of their page an actual personal message okay on Facebook it’s just too time-consuming people are too lazy to do it literally no one follows up one-on-one with each and every person who shows a my nute bit of interest in any of their contents or products secondly it’s just not scalable okay so if you’re manually reaching out to people one on one people say it’s not scalable you can’t generate that sort of interaction to a seven-figure level thirdly people say that conversion rates are low okay and we’re gonna bust all of these myths on this webinar guys we’ve been generating some incredible results just from reaching out on a one on one level I’m going to show you how in just a second thirdly people say that agencies just use expensive software that does it automatically now this is true agencies do use custom in-house software that they have developed that cost about twenty to thirty thousand dollars to develop and they use that to interact with their customers on an automated level but results can be generated without software to do this automatically now we’ve built huge deals and thousands of sales during just this so if you look at these screenshots on V page right now you can notice the dates all right this is on a daily basis and this is just on one of our hundreds of posts that we respond to you across numerous pages that we own the page has responded privately to each and every user what we’re doing here at social Panda is incredibly effective when it comes to reaching out on a personal level to our prospects and I’m not talking about just reaching out to the odd person I’m talking about on a large scale okay Facebook messages have a 100% in boxing right this is a amazing solution to email rates going down a case book messages have over a three time open rate compared to email so it’s an amazing solution to reaching your prospects once you’ve actually got them interested in your business another benefit is you have a direct line of communication and once you once you’re interacting with them that line of communication is open forever for the lifetime of your business you’ve got a direct line to that prospect and that lead prospects are shocked when you actually reach out on a personal level so it improves the customer trust by creating a personal connection that they’re not used to they’re used to receiving emails from marketers selling them stuff that is all changing now the new way to actually interact with your customers is on a personal level engaging them and building trust and rapport with them by providing value and then serving to them the old way of marketing of generating a lead and their selling to them right away it just doesn’t work anymore it’s not effective and just by reaching out to your customers you are automatically increasing your Facebook page responsiveness cool and therefore your post on your Facebook page are going to reach more people in the newsfeed Facebook rewards you for reaching out to your customers and therefore your organic Reach is going to increase it also skyrockets conversion rates by solidifying the trust with the one-on-one interaction with the prospect I’m also guessing a lot of you have had to submit a support ticket at a certain point in time so if you have a problem with a product or a piece of software you have to submit a support ticket and get a reply from the support desk with Facebook messages you are able to answer customer questions immediately and creates an amazing experience with your brand and therefore increase sales customers are honestly blown away by the unexpected personal responses they receive from your brand and your business as opposed to receiving emails from marketers just try to solve them stuff the whole time you also get invaluable feedback directly from your prospect so if you receive numerous messages from prospects saying they don’t like a B or C then you know you can change that you’re getting this feedback directly from your prospects through this direct line of communication and obviously you’re able to secure sales using all the different effective benefits I’ve mentioned above and I could go on for a while here there’s plenty of benefits to this new way of building an income stream through Facebook messages so how are we generating this new income stream through the facebook messenger well first of all we’re offering discounts for our products were offering coupon codes we’re hosting sales for limited time periods we’re answering questions and just building trust with our customers and prospects we’re offering free trials for our software where during the lead generation so we multiple avenues to reach our audiences we can reach them via email we can reach them by the Facebook ads we can now reach them inside of a facebook Messenger there’s no limit on how many avenues you can explore or how many mediums you can have to reach your ideal audience you’ve got to have different avenues to reach them because email open rates are going down now your reach in the Facebook newsfeed is going down so the Facebook inbox is the new way to reach your ideal audience when they receive a message they get that pop-up in the bottom right corner when they’re logged into Facebook or if they’re not online when you send them a message they log in and they will see that red message on the top right corner and it really pops out of it so let me ask you a question when you log into Facebook you obviously look in the top right corner and you see a message and you look at it right whereas if you see an email with a sales headline one of the chances of you opening that drive so it just makes sense that you reach a lotta customers inside of the Facebook inbox and take advantage of the high open rate and then obviously the one-on-one interaction is fantastic for closing high ticket sales which is a great backbone for any business that’s where you make the big margins and obviously the higher ticket sales require more one-on-one interaction and the trust really boosts conversions with the higher ticket sales now there’s no doubt that personal responses will give your business a significant boost in income it’s really going to push your business over the edge and if you take a look at this image right here this guy is turning around and it’s just a couple of centimeters from hitting the payload so this is a great depiction of the situation right now with people not reaching out to customers on a personal level through the Facebook inbox yes you might be making money yes you might be profitable but what’s wrong with really really growing a business now in 2017 and increasing your margins dramatically and the best part is it really doesn’t matter what knee Shuren it can be a facebook marketer video marketer Alice Boulder you can be a cpa marketer you can be an affiliate marketer you can own your own product you can be doing e-commerce it can be an offline consultant you can be doing anything guys this is fantastic for any type of business at the end of the day all you’re doing is you’re reaching out to every single one of your prospects via the Facebook inbox and this is just from a couple of campaigns this stuff works I’m going to show you in a second exactly how we do this now I just want to say that I’m not a better Facebook marketer or marketing in general than any of you watching this I promise you we haven’t even been doing Facebook responses for that long I just have a process in place everything needs to be streamlined most people approach it with a balls-to-the-wall mentality and want to do it on every single Facebook post on every single Facebook page immediately right off the bat and it’s just going to break your business overnight so look you can’t just throw hundreds of dollars on outsourcing to people to reply to hundreds of comments manually every day you need to have the right processes in place and the right people with the right training in place for you to kick this off profitably so if you think about it processors are the key to any business so think of any big brand business let’s say Walmart they have processes in place from the CEO down to the person at the checkout counter it all flows smoothly right but unfortunately a lot of markets are skip the step because they think it’s unnecessary but from personal experience and experience from growing our social Panda brand I can promise you we’ve learned the hard way before and it’s incredibly important to build up these processes so I’m gonna give you the exact process you can follow to set this up right now for free step one you need to set up a Facebook post so what you want to do is include an eye-catching image okay you want it to pop out to the user when they see it on Facebook with all the competition on Facebook you’ve got to be creative so you want an eye-catching image the text in the post must have a call-to-action so remember we want them to comment so we can reach out to them on a personal level inside the Facebook in inbox if they don’t comment we have no way to find out who was interacting with this post right who enjoyed the post so viral images work great and even better with a call-to-action overlaid over the image it could be the same call to action as in your post an example would be comment below we’re free Facebook ad template so basically you’re incentivizing them to comment on your post and then you also want to have congruence between what you’re trying to sell and what your post is about so for high conversions try and relate it to what you are going to be selling them via the Facebook private message so for example on the point just above that I say comment below for a free Facebook ads in plet so we provide them with the template and then via private message you could give them a discount code saying he has a 50% discount on a Facebook image creation software or a Facebook ad package or something like that step 2 is to drive traffic to your Facebook posts so if you already have fans on your page that’s fantastic some of them will see your post in the newsfeed and if not to remember responding privately to them increases your reach secondly you can run ads with very small budgets it works extremely well for this because we aren’t driving them off of Facebook Facebook charges a lot if you drive traffic away from Facebook but if you’re keeping everything internal you’re keeping their users on their sites all we’re doing is we’re asking for a comment so the ads are extremely cheap you can also email your list a link to your Facebook post so they can interact with it and any other traffic source works perfectly whether it’s paid or it’s free traffic step three is to set up your discount coupon or the sale on your website whatever it may be whatever your marketing objective is so decide on your objective with your personal response campaign so do you want to offer a discount for a product a limited time sale open up a line of communication to close a high ticket sale once you’ve decided on what your marketing objective is set up the necessary steps so for example if you run a Shopify store set up a coupon code for a specific product and you can send it directly to the prospects if you want to offer a coupon code for a digital product or selling you can do that just make sure you set it up so it’s ready to go when you reach out to these customers and all these prospects step 4 send the private messages to your prospects so the people who comment on your Facebook posts the actual personal message world the content of the post but what you have to do is open up their profile so what you can do is open up each profile in a new tab and just click on message and we just move this over click on message and what I’ve done to make this extremely easy and painless for you guys is I’ve included five completely free templates that you can use below this training video to get you started you can literally just copy and paste them into the message and I have each angle covered so if you’re offering a discount code you can use that message template and paste the therapy to your prospects step 5 is you’ve got to test it so make sure what you setup in step 3 is working the last thing you need is sending a coupon code or a discount code to a hot prospect and then the coupon code doesn’t work it’s just the race of time and it’s a waste of energy and you’re not going to get results so if you have just set up a new product let’s say in Sam cart for example make sure your paypal or stripe is connected correctly once you’re putting this process into place and you’re spending all this time and energy and all your resources on it you want to make sure you’re receiving compensation and you’re making money from all of this effort you’re putting in to this process step 6 is as simple as rinsing and repeating so now that you’re making money from your new personal messages to your prospects you just rinse and repeat with new posts you create new posts you create new discount codes whatever your business revolves around you can create new posts and you can interact with these customers in different ways so once you’re making money you’ll find that it’s fun to play around with different marketing angles and ideas get creative with it guys it’s a fantastic way to reach your prospects with a 100 percent inboxing rates and get a direct line of communication open with them and then offer them an incentive for a sale so I’m going to do a live process walkthrough right now of the entire step so let me jump into my browser very quickly okay so I’m on a Facebook page right now that one of the Facebook pages that we owned all I have to do now is make a post so this is an existing post all I have to do is go to the comments as you can see that this post has quite a few comments and you just open each profile in a new tab all this does is it makes it really easy to just flick through the different and paste in the message template so all I do is click on message and as you can see it opens up right away and I can begin sending them a message so I’m gonna say hey thanks for commenting and basically use the template that I’m providing to you guys to reach out to them and offer them an incentive to purchase something from you that’s literally how easy this process is that’s all you have to do is make a post in this instance it’s a physical product but obviously if you are studying digital products or you are selling software or you are selling gardening products whatever it may be whatever you’re selling or if you’re selling stuff offline just create a post get the interaction and be able to message people who interact with your post on a personal level and open that line of communication with him and build that trust and engage with them and you will see the results and the new income stream you’re going to make directly from the Facebook inbox so how much is this whole process going to cost you so you can definitely do this manually on your own that’s how we got started – and we’ve been crushing it so alternatively you can outsource this process that’s what I’ve gone through the step-by-step process so if you want to you can just hand this video to someone you hire and they’ll go through it and be able to implement this for you so basically that would cost you a couple of hundred dollars per month depending on your volume of personal private responses you’re making to your prospects most virtual assistants or people you can hire at freelance or calm or flexible and you can assign a price that fits your needs and your budget and you can easily flip this whole process as an agency and so this service to clients for between a thousand and five thousand dollars per month you can do this yourself you can do this entire process for another business and run it as an agency service or you can hire people to run it for you and act as a middleman and generate that extra income stream the best part is that you never have to worry about converting prospects to customers again this is a whole new medium no one’s doing this right now we’ve been doing it with amazing results as you guys saw earlier so the sales will come you can focus on more important tasks such as expanding and growing your business scaling a business to where it needs to the one downside is it is very labor intensive so this does take time to reach out to prospects one by one as you may have noticed okay here’s a quick pitch well it’s not really a pitch it’s just a time-saver so look I don’t want to sell you but if you are interested in automating everything I have talked about in today’s training I have a ridiculously powerful software it’s called message hero and it automates everything I’ve talked about on this webinar you can set up these messaging campaigns for any post you want to cross any of your Facebook pages and that’s an unlimited amount within the software once a campaign is set up it automatically monitors that post and replies to each person who comments on complete auto-pilot with your custom discount code your coupon your website URL or anything else you want there’s no need to get involved in the process at all message here automates everything so every time anyone comments on one of your Facebook posts they will receive a customized message right inside their facebook inbox and as I mentioned earlier that’s a 100% delivery rates and in boxing rates the software is going to save you hundreds maybe thousands of dollars each month in outsourcing the process and the headache of employing someone and training them not to mention the extra money you’re going to make on top of the money you are saving if you are planning on doing it yourself you’re saving yourself hundreds of hours a month in reaching out to each one of these prospects which could be in the thousands there is a full training knowledgebase and the software is up and running and making you money in literally two steps you click on create messaging campaign you fill in your message template you click on create and it’s done it runs on complete auto-pilot reaching out to every single one of your prospects on Facebook inside of the Facebook inbox and of course we have a 24/7 support this including a personal access to me so if you want to get in contact there is our website social panda comm /blog and if you want to reach out on a personal level you can go to social panda comm forward slash support so I’m gonna take questions in just a second so I’m going to cut this off right now because I do want to make this training available to everyone on the blog so let me cut that off very quickly and I’ll take questions 00% in boxing okay so basically this is the new way we’re beating the downside of email where your open rates are dropping and how we’re able to reach out

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