Technology Stack

What Makes a Software Reliable ? It's its Core Technology Backbone.


Hadoop Cluster,Store & Process Data

When it comes to Process Huge Data sets, Hadoop does all the heavy lifting.


Kubernetes The Container Orchestration System

All Our Deployment and Containers Operations are Managed by this Nautical Tool.

Angular JS

Angular JS Framework for FrontEnd

Ever-wondered what make the front end of Pondcherry Application Components so intuitive, its because make it dynamic using Angular JS.

Lets Encrypt

Lets Encrypt TLS Certificate

Security Certificates for the transport layer provided by Electronic Frontier Foundation.


GCP Cloud Platform

What can be the best cloud platform of choice when it comes to running digital marketing software?  Its Obvious, isn’t it !


Docker Heavy Lifting the Containers

Enabling Shipping all our software applications as packaged containers.


LAMP Backend Stack

We use the humble LAMP stack to develop all our web based marketing applications.


DigitalOcean Webfront Cloud

Pondcherry Webfront is on Digital Ocean Cloud Infrastructure. It is robust  platform which offers us the on-demand capability we need.


Linux Operating System

Pondcherry Virtual Machines are running the most stable Linux with awesome security features.