Strategy for Successful Solo Digital Marketing Agency

If you’re a one-man show or a very small team what do you need to do in order to manage and grow in the right direction, this is a very common questions many new freelancers have in mind when they started their agency. Mostly they offer Digital Services such as Website Setup, Design & Development, WordPress Services, Support Functions, Hosting & domain management, digital marketing ,social media management email marketing SEO. So if your agency fall in these categories of services, this article is going to provide you all information you need to manage your agency.

As a  one-man business, most of the agencies grown organically from having website clients who asked for additional services and eventually on boarded new employees as they chased growth. In an agency as a one person who is building his business and doing all the work by himself it is important that you  partner with software providers which can help you to do more with less time and money. A good move is to start with automation software to get time out of existing manual work first off.  You’re doing way way too much and the biggest thing that you need to do in order to get to the next level and the scale is using software to manage your agency and automate your operations delivery

If you are  happy with what you’re doing that’s the key to all of you guys listening if you’re at a place that you’re happy with what you’re doing then you don’t have to change but if you’re not happy and it’s just not a sustainable role of what you’re doing then the next thing that you need to do is set up the right systems you first need to really figure out where do I want to take this agency what do we want to become who do we want to work with and gain some clarity of where you’re going the next thing after you do that you need to figure out am i positioned in the right way in order to get to where I need to go that I created it in clarity right and my position to be the choice rather than a choice it’s a big big big big step the next thing and I think this is the important one for you is your offering now think about when Steve Jobs came back to Apple when it was on the brink of going out of business what did he do he cut out so many different things that they were doing and just started focusing on a couple items really select few and that’s what I truly feel that you need to do figure out who’s that market you’re going after and don’t be afraid to get laser specific and what do they need what kind of solutions do they need they don’t need services they need solutions to their problems and that’s the biggest thing that people struggle with and they say well we’re a webshop we’re we’re a video agency we’re doing all this you need to focus on just a couple and focus on the solution of solving their problem okay and then what you need to do is after you do that then you need to make sure and look at your deliverability right and this is where you could look at potential partners to helping you with the solutions that you’re offering but if you go into you know as a one-man show and say I can do everything for you you’re going to be crushed right so start thinking about like who else could help you and yes find people that could white-label that you trust that can follow your process that you actually have let’s see will part of your other question right given that I’m on a tight budget is there one software platform I should buy for marketing and running there’s this something that you can’t do without so there’s there’s a couple one is is I obviously use Infusionsoft I love that marketing automation tool to death and it does everything for me from the legion automation to onboarding to you know account management all that kind of stuff so I could not live without that so you should definitely check it out the other one is make sure you have an accounting system in place especially people starting off they just say oh I do invoices and spreadsheets and that kind of stuff no no think of like fresh books is always a really good one to check out or waive or any of those I’ll have some links below for you but you really need to make sure you have those kind of systems in place where it’s automated billing so you don’t forget I

I can’t tell you how many times that I talk to agencies and they forget to send invoices or send invoices on time and that’s going to be your biggest killer because cash flow is king so those two tools I would say you could not live without so if you liked this episode of the ask swank show please go ahead and hit like on whatever platform you’re watching it or listening to it and make sure you share it with someone within your agency or another agency owner so you can help them out and obviously you’ll be helping me out as well all right you’ll have a swank day

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