Stages of Customers Journey in a Digital Marketing Funnel

Today every product we sell ,every service we offer is a vehicle that transports our customers from a less desirable before state to a more desirable after state that’s all we’re doing and as marketers all we’re doing is articulating that value.
Stages of Customers Journey in a Digital Marketing Funnel

How does somebody become aware that you even exist at stage one then it goes on to engagement it’s not enough simply to as Jim Carrey did in Dumb and Dumber kick back and say I’m just gonna stand here and put up the vibes right you get actually engage in conversation right if we don’t turn a glance into a stare then we’ve accomplished nothing then we have subscribed you got to get their number right you got to get their number if you want the ability to follow up most sales are gonna occur on the very first one and then you have convert now don’t let the dollar sign in the icon confuse you this isn’t always about money what this is about is about making a little commitment and as human beings we show commitment in two ways and in two places in our calendar and in our wallet it’s a commitment of a little bit of money or a commitment of a little bit of time that is how we turn prospects into converts let’s meet for coffee.

Stage five is excite it is not enough to get them to meet you for coffee if you show up and act like a freaking weirdo in fact the better you are at marketing the faster you will convince the world that you are a weirdo now we get into ascend this is when the actual sale is taking place at the put at the moment of ascension look how far into the process it is right it’s.

staged six many of you are trying to ascend your customers your visitors at the moment of awareness you are doing the real world equivalent of hi nice to meet you want to go back to my place and you’re wondering why this digital marketing thing just isn’t working it’s because you’re creepy stage seven is advocacy right advocacy this marketing stop when the sale is made should marketing stop when the sale is made married men should you stop taking your wife on dates just because you’re married something like wait what you’re missing a big opportunity here guys marketing doesn’t stop when the sale is made any more than dating should stop when you get married right that’s why it’s not just about getting a sale we need to turn them into advocates how do we do that we ask them for testimonials right because the ultimate goals you want to become promoters this is when they are actively promoting our products and our services and what’s really happening in this moment is the cycle continues we’ve got a virtuous cycle in which our customers are making more people or making more people aware of us.

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