Reasons for using Marketing Automation

The role of chief marketing officer is changing dramatically with the rise of marketing automation that’s when technology allows companies to send highly customized relevant content to the right customer or potential customer at just the right time well to discuss what we can expect in this area. Today we are going to touch base the marketing automation landscape and see how Pondcherry can help you succeed in your marketing journey.

So what is  marketing automation and  what kind of activities does that include?

Marketing Automation is really a way for marketers to connect with their customers,their targets & their prospects; so this could be email, it could be web ,it could be social, so think of all the different ways that we interact with brands and companies and marketing automation is really a way for marketers to connect with customers on those technologies but it’s much more sophisticated than just maybe noticing that someone’s visited your website then you email them. That is  really the entire point of the platform is to how do you take somebody through a journey with you and think of every one of your buyers every one of your customers they’re now in control of this journey they have.All these amazing devices and technologies they’re doing research about you so how are you connecting with them along that journey each step of the way and meeting each buyer where they are on that step in the journey.

How is Marketing Automation Landscape is changing the role of the chief marketing officer or marketers in general ?

Automation has been fantastic for marketers because  the journey of buyers have changed and so how people research ,how they discover new things, how they engage with the company is much more over digital channels right the web ,mobile, social. So all of these different changes have just made marketing have to code HTML we’re focused on all these lists and and  like a lot of automation has actually freed marketing to really get back to doing marketing now we can do strategy we can do creative we can do so much more about marketing than all the different code and manual tasks that’s it so how prevalent is automated marketing are most companies doing or most companies not doing it I think we’re really reaching kind of the tipping point where we get to kind of that early majority we see it being about 20% penetrated into the kind of business to business market you know a couple years behind maybe the CRM market penetration

okay and you say that’s the tipping point so what’s gonna happen from here I think this is really where we go from it being the you know the the technology savvy company is the early adopters a lot of tech companies for example use marketing automation and now we’re seeing it spread out into other industries or seeing a lot of interest in manufacturing and higher education may be people that are slightly later on the adoption curve but are now looking at marketing automation and saying that’s something that they need to connect with their prospects their customers their buyers at so Michele what are the main challenges in this area because different countries have
different laws don’t they about cookies and so on exactly so you know trying to actually find the right ways to engage with customers as I’ve been challenging for sales and marketing but now with all the digital channels and that’s really been evolving based on country by country how we’re storing the data how often you can communicate with someone who you can communicate with and so from marketing we’ve had to be much more on top of our own practices right what things we do as well as the technologies we purchase and so for example at Acton
we’ve done a lot of things to make sure that we adhere to different standards so there’s a you us a privacy sealed certification that we focused on doing that really just makes sure that across the Atlantic that both sides are storing data more effectively so as technology’s getting smarter all the time how can we expect this to develop over the next maybe five or ten years well I think the big thing coming in this area is around true automation and predictive really thinking about every one of your customers being unique we used to as marketers think about
segments we would segment customers which is almost like stereotyping them and we’ve learned stereotypes don’t work that well as individuals now we’re learning as marketers segments are challenging too we want to meet each individual buyer where they are and know
who they are and interact with them in a meaningful way and I think that’s really gonna be about big data and predictive technology and really the cloud is essential to all of this isn’t it it really isn’t it is for two reasons one if you think of where your customers are today they’re in the cloud they’re on devices they’re on websites and doing searches so really having technology that’s in the cloud along with those other areas and can connect and move data around and make that experience seamless is important it’s also important because business departments now are making rapid choices on the kind of technologies they need to advance we’re no longer dependent on IT
internally as businesses to roll out each new technology we can have marketers now say here’s something that’s going on that I really want to
take advantage of I want to get out in front of my customers and as a business department now I can consume that technology the rollout times are much faster and that’s a big part of why SAS is so powerful and also brands are now competing on the experience that they
give to their customers rather than maybe on the actual product so what would you say that your service does to help with this yeah so a lot of
marketers and CMOS today are focusing or if not they should be focusing much more on the entire brand experience for customers so for the initial first time that they see the brand through buying as well as when they become customers and how we onboard them and when they
make that new a purchasing decision and so with that our products and services are really it’s more than just sending email so we’re really providing marketers almost this online command center so we can think about all these different activities you know every time
customers interact with those different channels we should be tracking and measuring them and so this command center provides a way to do that so that we can track you measure it really well.

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