Pondcherry -the Lean Marketing Machine?

Never run after customers , rather attract them like a magnet. See How Pondcherry, The Lean marketing machine can help you to automate your marketing activities so focus on growing customer base.
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would you like to generate a flood of customers that pay stay and refer new business if you said yes that’s why you’d want a marketing machine a marketing machine could do just that it can help produce consistent results in your business it can help give you more time and freedom in over all it can help you implement the process to make your business run like a machine now if you’ve been following along you’re probably familiar with five key profit amplifiers average number of leaves conversion rate average number sales transactions sales price and profit margin these numbers give you the baseline for your business and when you increase them even by a small percentage they can have a tremendous impact on your bottom line that’s over two hundred forty nine percent growth that’s exactly what we’re talking about improving your profits by following a process building your marketing machine is not just about following the latest trends or using the latest tactics we want to build systems that are repeatable that are scalable that have proven consistent results the first system we’re going to talk about is the lead attraction system you need to have a process to attract your ideal customers to come to you so you’re not chasing them around they’re coming to you with interest and then you can convert those leads into sales by following your sales conversion system how do you nurture a relationship overcome objections and secure a sale and last but not least once you have a customer you want them not only to do business with you once but you want that repeat business you want to retain that customer and you want to win their referrals so that you can have more business continually coming to you you can do this by building your marketing machine so invite you to continue to follow this content and tune in as we go over the next conversation about the lead attraction system we’re gonna go over how you can build your lead a traction system in your business so you can experience the marketing machine for yourself if you’d like more information


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