How to Sell Digital Marketing Services

Internet has changed the way people do business.Due to this digital marketing business has seen a big potential and continual inflow of growing customers demand.However with increasing competition especially from counterparts in south Asian countries many marketers are observing shrinking in gross profit margins. To be competitive it is important to change the existing strategy by packaging  your digital marketing services so you can describe them better and deliver them better.Here’s what most digital marketing agencies do ,they ask the client client what do you want us to make ?you want a new website  and the client says sure we want a new website and you dig into your vat of digital marketing services and you pull out the big long list of possibilities SEO SEM logo creation digital marketing this digital marketing net PPC CPM YouTube Twitter Facebook Linkedin right and you describe all these different opportunities that your client could use in and better setting up their digital marketing presence.

Your clients eyes rolls the back of their head you totally lose them and even if they decide to buy and become a client they’re not quite sure what they purchased and then they ask you 100 more questions 40 more follow-up meetings and the project gets bigger and bigger and bigger and less and less interesting for you it’s a broken model I have no idea why how we got into the into functioning that way but I know that’s how it works for most people like you so let’s shift that for forever and let’s think about it a totally different way here’s an analogy your client is trying to get from point A to point B your client is trying to travel from point A to point B and so when they can split consider traveling there’s three ways to travel you can drive you can walk or you can fly now when you walk that’s the slowest option right that’s a matter of months to get over a long distance if you drive that’s a matter of days or a matter of weeks to travel a long distance but when you fly you can get there faster that’s a matter of hours now .

you and I both know that flying is the premium option you know it cost more for that but if you want it done and you want it done right now flying is the only option so what I’m saying to you is that you should present your services like you are the flight option and you should show your clients the flight path to get to where they want to go let’s draw that out so I made the airplane analogy and I just drew one on the board now warning I went to school for business not for design so don’t judge my airplane okay so let’s get to it the point here is that your client begins over here and they want to be over here and your job is to design a plane that gets them there as fast as humanly possible but here’s the thing about when you fly a plane there are some things that you have to do before you can get on the plane so there’s some things that have to happen beforehand you’ve got to pack your own bags you got to drive yourself to the airport you’ve got to park your own car and you better be at the gate but by certain times so you can make the flight so these things have to happen now if you’ll do that then here’s what happens so there’s a prebuilt plane the planes already made right and there’s a there’s a cockpit here there’s a pilot who’s flying the plane there are flight attendants who are here waiting waiting to serve and then there are seats that are already made for you for you to sit in right all you got to do is take a seat and the plane can take off now there is some communication that happens while we’re on the plane a bit of experience that happens while we’re on the plane but the vast majority the plane is already built the promise that the airline makes you is that if you’ll do your job and get on the plane we’ll take you exactly where you want to be your services should be designed the exact same way let’s think about how that might be applied if you are doing digital marketing services right there are certain things that your best client needs to already have in place right so they need to have an existing web presence if that’s important they need to already have a target client then you already have metrics that matter too these are things that should already be in place and so you’ve got to be clear with your client what should already be in place if they’ll get those things in order then you can invite them onto the plane where things are already set up there’s already a captain to fly the plane there are already flight attendants there’s already a seat waiting for them they can jump on that plane they can experience the process you’re right you go through that process with them and when they get to step number five they are exactly where they want it to be right so whether that’s more views more likes more shares more revenue more clients whatever that number is for them that’s important to them that’s exactly where they want it to be the rub for you is are your services designed this way do you challenge your clients to get their act together before you start working do you make it clear to your clients that there is a pre-built process designed to get them where they want to go that it’s already staff and waiting for them do your clients already understand that there’s a there’s a there’s a elegant way that you take them through the process that is easy and enjoyable for them for them to to receive have you made it clear that by the time they get to step number five they are exactly where they want it to be your services should not only be described this way they should be designed this way so that when you make this promise your team and yourself are already prepared to facilitate this for them if you’re not here that’s why you’re having trouble selling your services.

I really hope you enjoyed that video I realize that things can look really simple and clean and neat and easy when they’re laid out on a whiteboard but trying to apply these things inside your business can have their own level of frustration so what do you do now what are your next steps well if you want to watch another video you can if you want to subscribe to the channel you probably should but if you’re over the information and you want help packaging and selling your unique consulting services as a program that I and you can get information on that program via a free training available right now on this page somewhere so again thank you for your time for watching this video and I look forward to seeing you in the next one

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