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You’ve made a blog you know about absent and analytics now and I want to close with a few minutes to talk about online marketing you’re going to be doing a lot online as a blogger and a website owner and one very important thing is marketing all right the good news is it doesn’t have to be hard it’s fun and there are proven steps laid out ahead of you all right so we’ve already paved the road as previous online marketers and here’s how to do it so that your blog gets readers and you can generate traffic sell products do affiliate marketing you know grow in any way you want the first step is to guest post so when you start out blogging you don’t have an audience but other blogs do one example of a blog it does is pro blogger all right so what you can do is write about topics you’re good at and submit them to blogs like pro blogger and then hopefully after a couple weeks of waiting and you know biting your nails they eventually send you an email saying you’re approved once they do they’ll publish your content and with a couple edits they’ll give you a byline and I’ll link back to your site which is important I’ll talk about that in one second and you’ll start to look like you know an author that has a certain amount of credibility you have to write posts that are very good don’t get me wrong they have to be long exhaustive and within the post you gotta use your style so you know enough said you know how to write a blog post but the cool thing is you can actually link out to other bloggers like I linked out in Hoffman alright so she like tweeted me saying big thanks and then we got to network together and really admire her check out her blog right here and you get that link back to your post sometimes you get two to three links at least one what this link does is people can click it to get to your site of course and then I’ll say oh man this blog is actually cool even though it’s new I’m going to read some of their articles and post comments and share it but Google also sees this link as a vote from problogger that your site is worth linking to alright and that helps your Google rankings over time which you need to start building you need to start building Google rankings through links on other websites and blogs and guest posting is one of the best ways to do it so once you have people coming back to your blog and you start building SEO juice from these links your blog posts need to look good they need to pass the test they need to be readable so you need to develop a style that people can actually get through with headers and blurbs and images but you also need to use a tool called Yoast so let me let me show you that one I’m just going to edit this page here and I have a plug-in installed called Yoast which gives me actually a checklist of everything I need to do to make a blog post or a page SEO friendly you can click Edit snippet and you can tell Google about your posts like writing a meta description this would appear beneath a link in Google when someone searches so if I look up like how to blog for money this is the Meta Description right here it’s like the great app text really important to rank in Google so you can actually control what shows up there you can even give it a focus keyword and then once you do that ye list will tell you where to write the key word how much to write if you should edit your images and so on and so forth just doing this much and having a checklist will set you apart from the housands of other blogs in your niche that are too lazy to or just don’t know how so yeah if you don’t know not you know you can get this tool for free call the Yoast SEO go yes and then so once you do that and you have people coming to your blog and your blog posts look good and they pass a test or your pages look good and they pass the test then you’re going to want people to stick around so people will often read your blog and then forget about it but if you have an email newsletter here above-the-fold looking you know good enough that someone would pop in their name email then click join then you’ll be able to keep contact with readers and deliver them more value and then eventually online market to them in the future with your ebooks your ideas your new products your new businesses you need websites and that’s how the process sustains itself it’s really easy to sign up for a whether to charge a dollar per month to get started I use them for all my email management and by the way I’ll give you a link to every tool we talked about in the video below in the comments you don’t need to go anywhere I want to say comments I mean the notes below the video Aweber is great I’ve collected over 5,000 subscribers with them I get stats for when I send out a newsletter like how many people open it clicked it if anyone complained I don’t I know it point oh four of a complaint is but I should probably look at that and then you can create as many email lists as you want for like you know your parent blog or a different blog so on and so forth you even get detailed information about each subscriber which I won’t show you of course because this is all very professional and private if you don’t want to get a professional email management tool like this that you have to pay a little bit for if you’d rather grab an email marketing software that’s free and just super basic then get MailChimp I’ll give you a link to them too below and I’ve used them for different projects they work great you can capture people’s emails you know send them a free welcome message send them an e-book and start that whole process so these are all very good positive things to have on your blog good numbers so when someone subscribes you can check out that stat and get excited about it and then of course when you land a guest blog posts or now make your own blog post you can get very excited as well if you’re anything like me this stuff makes me more excited than I was as a kid at an amusement park to wake up and just open the laptop or fire up the desktop because you can look at the numbers and you can see how your work is doing you can start responding to people what looks like I forgot to do for a little bit and you know really immerse yourself in blogging and get a piece of the pie from all the blogging success people are experiencing so that’s online marketing in a nutshell I’ll show you more guys post if you want but that might be kind of vain I just went on like a blogging post blog guest post frenzy when I first started dear dog er so that’s what you can do to guarantee it works and I will leave you back at the blog we made together so you can keep adding to it write some more blog post below add maybe a contact page and then make sure your sidebar looks perfect maybe you’re going to want to add in that Aweber or MailChimp form right here just a simple copy/paste piece of code into a text widget like we saw before all right but I’m confident you have the tools now to make your blog into a successful endeavor and really join the blogosphere with style and make it a better place so good luck and here’s where I go into asking for things from you mode and ask you to please share the video subscribe rate the video and post a comment I really really need these things to keep doing what I do and it really helps so if you learned anything and you can do that thanks so much for helping spread the good word about blogging if we ever meet up at some convention drinks on me and you know Cheers thank you so much for watching I love making these for you guys alright so I’m going to go into that mode now you

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