Campaign Design Process

The role of chief marketing officer is changing dramatically with the rise of marketing automation that’s when technology allows companies to send highly customized relevant content to the right customer or potential customer at just the right time well to discuss what we can expect in this area. Today we are going to touch base the marketing automation landscape and see how Pondcherry can help you succeed in your marketing journey.

high-performing websites that bring in more leads and inquiries 17 years ago working in my bedroom my board shorts I started building websites and since then I’ve gone on to work with clients such as Qantas Jeep and the crumbled Wildlife Sanctuary plus hundreds of other smaller businesses australia-wide I’m also the proud author of love-at-first-sight a no BS guide to getting your website firing C I found over the years that the website game was becoming more and more commoditized people were shopping around they were getting three quotes and it was getting really hard for us to beat and win work to convince people that we were awesome and all the other website designers out there were no good and because of this it was driving prices down we were caught on that treadmill of putting our heart and soul into each one of these projects and realizing that I better go and find the next project and I’d never really taken the time to unpack what we were actually doing it was all up here in my head the thing that got the biggest impact was writing and publishing my book this has been the best thing that I’ve ever done for my business so love at first sight it answers the question of what it actually takes to build a great-looking high-performing site that gets you found in Google and brings in those leads and inquiries so the awesome thing now is I get introduced as a published author the book as andrew says it’s a business card on steroids competition is irrelevant we have a much higher conversion rate and we don’t get that pushback on price like we used to the other really cool thing is it’s not me building websites anymore I’ve got a team of 10 people who are doing the rollout and the implementation of our methodology and our process we’re working with a better clientele because they know what to expect from us they’ve read my book they understand what our process is we’re also working on bigger and better projects I’m presenting at a seminar on digital strategy and leads are flowing in the door the end result is people buy more stuff faster so for me the the biggest thing that KPI has done has given me confidence confidence to get out there and back myself knowing that I’m worthy of success because I’m an expert and a leader in my field my name is John hollenberg from the age of 15 I’ve been building websites in my board shorts our clients a left feeling stoked overjoyed and unleashed awesome thank you you

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