10 Tips to Increase Your Instagram Followers

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first tip that I have that I feel like alot of people gloss over or don’tmention at all is to actually changeyour name on Instagram so that you canoptimize your SEO and what SEO means issearch engine optimization let meexplain all right so I’m actually goingto share my screen right over here soyou can follow along but basically whatyou’ll notice is that on my page you’llsee that instead of just putting my nameon the front I actually put millennialbids coach because that’s what I am andthe reason why this is important what Isee a lot of people not doing is becausewhen you actually go in to search andlet’s say I type in millennial eventhough the person is typing millennialand not necessarily Vanessa I’m stillgoing to show up on the page which isawesome so what I recommend to youespecially if you have a business oryour service based business is thatcapitalize the name section that’s onyour bio because that’s gonna allow youto rank higher in SEO realistically noone’s searching Vanessa especiallypeople who don’t know me if people arelooking for millennial content or theywant to look for a business coach orsomething like thatthey’re gonna search for that on searchand I’m gonna pop up the same thing islet’s say for example you’re a fitnesscoach if you actually put fitness coachas your name and someone in the area islooking for a fitness coach to work withguess who’s gonna pop up in search youso definitely make sure you’releveraging that key aspect of that biosection and you’re not putting it towaste because that is precious realestate to help you rank higher inInstagram search the second tip that Ihave for you is to write captions thatconvert I know it’s really easy to wantto post a meaningless emoji or a songlyric but really add depth to yourInstagram account something that I loveto teach my clients when we’re talkingabout their Instagram strategy is yesthe post itself the picture has to benice because it’s gonna allow someone tostop the scroll and actually payattention to what you have to say butit’s the caption that allows thoseconversations to happen and thatactually allows that engagement think ofit like dating usually you want to datesomeone because first off you wereattracted to their looks maybe but youdecided to actually date them and toactually keep in touch with them andstay connected because of theirpersonality literally use this analogyand apply it to Instagram now for me Iactually write a lot of long-formcaptions into my post and I actuallykind of treat my Instagram account likea micro blog and what I foundthat I’ve actually been able to spark alot of one-on-one private conversationssince doing this now I know a lot ofpeople care about managing metrics likelikes comments so on and so forthbut for me I’ve really changed myperspective and I actually measure mysuccess on Instagram on the amount ofprivate conversations and d-ends that Ihave with other people becauseespecially if you have a business andyou’re using Instagram for your businessthe people who are actually engagingwith you privately are your warmestleads my clients already have found methrough Instagram DM because I took thetime to actually cultivate those strongrelationships with them in order for meto actually get to that point thoughI’ve written vulnerable deep captions sothat they can connect with and that’swhat’s really contributed to my successand how I’ve been able to find a lot ofmy clients online actually I’m gonnachange my vocabulary I don’t find myclients and they find me so if youactually want to treat your Instagramlike a true business and create thoselong-form relationships and those warmbleeds then definitely having micro bloglike captions that’s kind of weird microblog like captions I guess is actuallythe way to go because yes not everyoneis gonna resonate but the people who dothey become a potential clients or theybecome your biggest fans because theyfeel a stronger connection with you andthey feel know like and trust and reallyquickly before I hop on to my thirdpiece of advice I’m actually gonnaexplain what know like and trust is knowlike and trust is so crucial for yourbusiness know you want people toactually know who you are theneventually you want them to like youbecause of what you’re posting orwhatever and lastly you want them totrust you that’s kind of the level thatyou want to get at with all of yourpotential clients or even if you don’thave a business your audience know likeand trust is so important and actuallyfunneling sales into your business andactually creating a very strong tribeand community so I don’t want to skipout on that definitely every time you’reusing a social media platform really askyourself am i buildings know like andtrust with my audiencenow the third piece of advice that Ialso don’t see often when I’mresearching about Instagram hacks isactually mixing the size of hashtagsthat you use yes I know everyone cringeswhen they hear the word hashtag but it’sstill a relevant piece if you want togrow on Instagram because hashtags allowpeople to actually find you and itallows you to increase your reachhowever is a problem that I see is a lotof people use very big generic hashedlike hashtag makeup hashtag businesshashtag success those hashtags areactually a massive and guarantee you bythe time that you post it you’re gonnadisappear from the hashtag Explorer pagein like five seconds because everyone isliterally using that hashtag and it isway too big what I actually recommendand is gonna take a little bit more workfrom you but I promise that it’s worthit it’s actually mix up your hashtagsizes and do hashtag research to findthe small to medium hashtags that existin your niche or in your category orwhatever I’m gonna actually put up myrule of thumb in terms of hashtag sizesto help you out if you want moreinformation it’s going to be in theInstagram checklist that I’m gonna linkin the description box and in thecomment section below but essentiallywhat you want to know is that you wantto focus your effort on 80% of thehashtags that you use on either thesmall to medium size tags the reason whyyou want to do this is because those arethe tags that are actually kind of themore niche ones and the ones where a lotof communities are inside so there’s alot of loyal people or a lot of peoplethat are actually loyal to those tagsand are more likely to search for themand follow them on Instagram and it’salso gonna increase the chances of youactually staying on that explore pagefor hash tags a lot longer versus if youuse really large tags and again if youneed more help definitely just downloadthe checklist it has all of theinformation that you need and more sodon’t sleep out on that I’ll link it indescription box and the comment sectionbelow but what you need to know for thepurpose of this video is you need toactually switch up your hashtag sizesbecause that’s going to help youincrease your reach and also help tomake sure that you’re actually reachingpeople that care about your contentbecause the more niche that you are andthe more tailored and segmented that youare the more chances that people aregoing to want to follow your contentbecause you’re speaking to the rightaudiences now on the topic of hashtagsthis is my fourth piece of advice foryou and that is to actually rotatebetween your hashtags a big big bigmistake that I see a lot of people do isthat they use the same hashtags over andover and over again but the problem isis that if you use it too many timesInstagram is gonna think that you arespam and actually decrease your reachand actually kind of I don’t want to saythe word shadow band because I’m notsure if it’s true that shadow band evenexists because apparently Instagram saysthat it doesn’t exist but if you areusing the same hashtags in every singlepost that you’re doing you are going tobe flaggedfor spam and that’s gonna increase thechances of you not showing up on thefeed for your followers or for whoeverelse so just be careful that you areactually making a conscious effort ofrotating the hashtags that you’re usingand mixing it up every time now I’mgonna share my screen right over herebut I’m gonna show you exactly what I doin terms of how I rotate my hashtags soafter I’ve kind of done my research interms of the hashtags that I want to useand I mix it up between small to mediumto large I actually have a notepad in myApple phone or in my iPhone and I havedifferent hashtag groups I have groupnumber one then group number two thengroup number three group number four andI kind of have multiple groups that Irotate between so every time I postsomething I kind of keep track of thegroups that I’m using and I copy andpaste it and then I put it in my captionand I don’t really have to stressbecause it’s things that I’ve alreadydone in the past that I’ve already kindof in a way automated so I’m notstressing about what hashtag to post foreach post but at the same time I’m alsomaking a conscious effort to make surethat I’m not using the same ones overand over again on top of this followingadvice number three I am also makingsure that all my hashtag sizes are kindof varied and there is a mix betweensmall medium and large to make sure thatmy reach is maximized so those are sometimes that I want to share with you interms of hashtags that have reallyhelped me and I think will really helpyou especially if you want to grow onInstagram organically now the last andfinal tip that I have for you iscommunity engagement now before youclick out of this video I know I knowcommunity engagement is something thateveryone dreads it takes so much time itis so time consuming and it’s also veryexhausting but trust me if you want toactually grow organically on Instagramand you need to put that energy back andyou actually need to engage with otherpeople and there are a couple reasonsfor this the first one is algorithm youknow the more that people engage withyou and let’s say you actually take sometime out of your day to engage withothers and they engage back that’s gonnashow Instagram that that’s the contentthat they want to see and it’s gonnaincrease your chances of your postshowing up on their feet that’s whycommunity engagement is importantanother reason why community engagementis important is because the more youactually interact with other peopleespecially if they’re aren’t followingyou yet it’s actually going to increaseyour reach organically and people aregoing to be able to be curious about youand want to click on your page that’swhyengagement is so important and yes youcan technically automate it or hiresomeone or even buy a bot that’s gonnaallow you to kind of automaticallyengage with other people but it’s kindof awkward when someone deems you andthey’re like hey thank you for engagingwith my post and they kind of starttalking to you and you’re like wait asecond I don’t remember liking your postat all oh wait it was my bot so justknow that if you actually outsource thisto someone else or you use a bot you aregonna lose that genuine connection andI’m the reason why I’m saying this isthat if you’re using Instagram forbusiness and you want to attract clientsand potential business opportunitiesit’s really helpful that the messagecomes from you and that you are the onethat’s actually actively liking otherpeople’s posts or commenting on otherpeople’s posts and engaging because it’sactually not that genuine and it’sactually really awkward when someonereplies back to you and you’re like whois this person right so that’s justsomething to keep in mind but what I’mgonna share with you in this video isI’m actually gonna show you a hack Iguess or something that I use to makecommunity engagement a lot easier so agreat feature that Instagram has is theability to follow hashtags I’m gonnathrow out my screen right over here butwhat I want to show you is thatthroughout my feet I’ve actuallyfollowed key hashtags that are within myniche and that allows posts toautomatically show up on my feet andthese posts are from people that Iactually don’t know and so it allows itto be easier for me to engage becauseit’s already on my feed and I don’t haveto actively go out there and search forpeople it’s already gonna show up and atthe same time and able to engage with myexisting audience as well so that’s justsomething really important to note thatyou are able to actually follow hashtagsso let’s say for me I’m a business coachmaybe I’ll follow the hashtag businessbabego to tags there’s one at 125k I followit and eventually those posts are arandom posts from people that are usingthe same hashtag are gonna show up in myfeet and that’s what makes it a loteasier for community engagement andactually kind of takes off the edge andmakes it a lot more enjoyable becauseI’m already scrolling through the feedengaging with my followers anyways soguys you’ve reached the end of the videothose are my 5 insta hacks on how togrow your Instagram organically in 2019now if you want to learn more or if youwant the full checklist of all thethings that I’ve said but elaboratedthen definitely check out WWll comaisite scroll all the way down to thebottom and they redeem your instant giftthat’s the exact same checklist thatI’ve been mentioning throughout thisvideo that I think will really help youand actually put a lot of context incase you were ever confused withanything in this video that I mentioned

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