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Create Awareness

Whenever the digital first customer have any problem the very first thing they do is run a search on search engine. If your brand is addressing the specific problem you must have a presence telling –  Hey ! Look I am aware of your problem and I have the solution for your.

So first SEE where your customers are going, what they are doing when they think of the problem. Most probably they must be doing a video search or a text search to find the optimal solution.

The proven digital marketing methods to be used during this stage is PPC, SEO Video. Use highly optimized content with right keywords to make the customer believe in you.

Pondcherry SEO Software help you to optimize your search related content for getting you ranked on search engines.

Create Awareness

Understand Intent

Customer is doing research to find all possible solution before they finally shortlisted few of the providers. Customer’s intent to buy your product or services

Use content marketing to engage the customer by providing depth information, use social media,email, text message to provide special offers, coupons, one time discount to acquire the customer.

Understand Intent


Now the customer is looking to get recommendation from others who had similar issues. Reviews and Recommendations matter to most of consumers who are now loaded with many alternate solutions form your competitors.

You must work on creating a engaged user base around your product/service so when a customer is looking for recommendation or review , they can find is with real ease if you have grown audience base in social media such as Facebook,Instagram,Pintrest,Linked-In.

Pondcherry Social Media Automation Software can be your best buddy to create this engagement in short amount of time by automating most of repetitive monotonous tasks.



Once the customer has finalized his budget and ready the purchase decision it is the time to send me personalized emails with offer/coupon so they can make outright purchase.

Our Marketing Automation Solution can identify the right set of leads which you must focus on converting. It have the features to nurture the lead, do lead scoring and qualify all leads as ready with the intent to purchase.


Convert Leads to Customers

Email Marketing, Text SMS Marketing and ReTargetting Ads are the ways to get this conversation done. .

Pondcherry Email Marketing Software, SMS Marketing Tool and ReMarketing Software can make the conversion quicker than never before.

Convert Leads to Customers

Manage Experience

Acquiring new customer is always going to be expensive affair than retaining existing customers.Today customers are spoil with available choice, so a great customer experience is something that cannot be ignored.Design all your offerings keeping Customer at the center.

Give your team the unified CXM solution to make your customer journey memorable. Pondcherry CXM is an unified customer experience solution which empowers your marketing,sales & support team to delight your customer.

Manage Experience

We Provide ROI Driven Marketing Automation Tools

Time and Money are only resources matter in digital economy. We help you save both

Your Return on Time & Money Investment is Guaranteed.

Today when everyone is leveraging digital channels as their primary source of customer acquisition,growth & retention, it become obvious that Digital Marketing Automation Tools are the only way to get done more with less. With adoption of Pondcherry Marketing Suite you will see the difference from Month 1.

Use Pondcherry To

  • Increased Productivity
  • Save time and money
  • Enhance Quality by reduction in human errors
  • Get ahead of competitions
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Team Work Makes Dream Work

We ensure that your website gets valuable traffics that converts into leads

Shankar Natrajan Chief Executive Officer

Shanker is our CEO who works with the team to oversee the entire growth of Pondcherry.

Shankar knows that his team is his biggest asset, so he constantly keep the sprit of team high.

Earlier he has worked with Symphony  Services as their Business Development Executive helping fortune 1000 company with on boarding right technology.

Shankar is a trained martial artist and he enjoy watching MMA sports

Shankar holds a Degree in Business Studies from Anna University,Madras.

Sandeep Majumdar Chief Product Officer

Sandeep is our Chief of Product, who works with engineering and marketing team to manage the entire product life cycle

Sandeep is a passionate traveler who like to live the nomadic lifestyle.He is an advocate of minimalism and digital nomad movement.

He holds a Degree in Business Management from IIFT,New Delhi

Kavya Menon Chief Marketing Officer

Kavya is our Chief of Marketing who take care of all marketing campaigns.

During her Off Business Hours Kavya is a freelance photographer who like to shoot portraits of people and capture special events candid moments

She holds a Degree in Business Management from Alliance University,Bangalore

Hariharan Business Development Manager

Hari take care of Product On-boarding on Cloud and entire IT Operations.

Hari has worked at TCS as IT Operations Manager helping a large company with managing their IT operations.

Hari is a soccer lover who follows the sports diligently. When he is not working he play FIFA on PlayStation

He holds a Degree in Engineering from Anna University, Madras

Natz Orwak Chief of Customer

Natz take care of our customers and make them happy.

Natz has worked at Convergys as Customer Support Executive helping a large ecommerce brand with managing their customers queries.

Natz is a craft lover who create amazing handmade items. She also love making chocolates during her free time. She believes chocolate are the best gift which can make anyone happy

He holds a Degree in Literature from University of Manila, Philippines

Rohan Ranjan Sales Manager

Rohan take care of Customer Onboarding on Pondcherry.

Rohan has worked with a EverReady Batteries, managing their sales operations

Rohan is a avid cricket fan who play the sports every weekend. When he is not working he is watching a cricket match.

He holds a Degree in Management from Devi Aliyah Univerisity, Indore

Rashid Ahmed Sr. Software Engineer

Rashid take care of Product Onboarding on Cloud and entire IT Operations.

Rashid  has experience working with Angular JS, Node JS, PHP, Phython and MYSQL .

Rashid  is a contributor to open source projects in GitHub and enjoys writing scripts to solve day to day problems

He holds a Degree in Engineering from Jamia University, Delhi

Biju Joseph IT Engineer

Biju take care of day to day IT issues which include taking backup, system maintenance, installation and configuration of software.

Biju has worked at CSC in their Infrastructure Service space.

Biju  is a movie fan, He watches tons of movie during his off hours, He also want to act someday in a action movie

He holds a Degree in Engineering from Cochin University, Kochi.

Shanaya Cook QA Manager

Shanaya take care of QA and Testing of all software tools before they go live. She is our bug buster who can be seen busting bugs and sending them to developers.

Shanaya has worked at IBM  as Quality Professionals at their Philippians Facility. She is an American with Filipino accent.

She is a family person, and like to spend time with her son during leisure time.

He holds a Degree in Mathematics from University of South Florida

Anuman Choochaimangkhala Server Analyst

Anuman take care of Dev-Ops and Implementation on Cloud for our customers

Anuman  has worked at Skywave Technologies as Systems Engineer helping a auto manufacturing company with implementing ERP

Anuman is originally from Bangkok but live in Bali as he like surfing during his free time.

He holds a Degree in Engineering from Kasetsart University,Bangkok

Gautham Naidu Web Developer

Gautam take care of Product Onboarding on Cloud and entire IT Operations.

Gautam has worked at TCS as IT Operations Manager helping a large company with managing their IT operations.

Gautam is a soccer lover who follows the sports diligently. When he is not working he play FIFA on playstation

He holds a Degree in Engineering from JNTU University.

Luis Velazquez Front End Developer

Luis take care of Front End Development and UX Design.

Luis has worked as freelance developer with many clients across 30 countries.

Luis is a fitness enthusiast and love triathlon spots -Marathon,Cycling and Swimming

He holds a Bachlors Degree from Madrid, Spain

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